Here are just some of the people we have helped recently through our charity work.

All this just by booking acts like this!


How much how will it cost?

The cost of the night varies depending on how many comedians you want to perform, how long you want them to perform for, and if you require “name” acts or ones with a TV profile. We will quote you the standard rate for each comedian plus 20 per cent for charity instead of a booking fee. We can also work with your budget where possible! Call now on 07999 583835 or request a call-back by emailing

What if we've never put on a comedy night before?

No problem. We can advise on how to set the room up, how to get the best out of your audience, and what works best in terms of sound and lighting. We’ve worked with everyone from pubs and clubs to weddings, TV companies, and corporate entertainment, so we can tailor the night for your needs. We can even supply a PA and lights if required, and advise on posters, flyers advertising for your event.

So all you have to do is come along and enjoy it!

How does the charity part work?

Blighty Arts (established 2013) builds on the model of micro-finance created by Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. By giving money directly to impoverished women in the developing world so that they can start their own business, it has proven to be the most effective form of charitable giving, with a loan success rate of over 95 per cent. As this model of micro-finance is based on “good faith” loans, there are no legal repercussions for its recipients if they did default.

Furthermore, rather than paying the charity back, as the loan gets returned it is “paid forward” to the next person in need, creating an ever expanding circle of benefit to people who previously had no income.

See Banker to the Poor by Muhammad Yunus for more on this.

How do I know that the comedians will be funny?

We only book experienced professional comedians from the UK and international circuit, and can send you clips of the acts in advance of your night. We’ve worked with all the top acts on the circuit for over a decade, and we’ve done gigs at every kind of event: from gigs in rooms above a pub, to private functions and corporate award ceremonies. So if there’s a style of comedy you like, or a certain tone that you want for your night, just let us know!

It sounds great but I'm still not sure, is there someone I can speak to?

Yes. Give us a call on 07999 583835 or email to request a call-back. We only take on gigs that we can deliver a great night on. We are also happy to tailor the length and scale of the event to your budget wherever possible. Then, after you’ve had a great comedy night, we’re happy to report back about who has benefitted from the charitable loan as well- pictures available on request! So get in touch.


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